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Better Painting is your local authority in delivering superior exterior house painting services across key locations in St. Louis Metro, MO including Clayton, Kirkwood, and Creve Couer. With a passionate commitment to honor, integrity, respect, and quality, we add a refreshing stroke of color, turning your homes into delightful masterpieces. Our team of professionally trained painters has over 20 years of combined experience, ensuring stellar results that reflect your personal style and enhance your home’s curb appeal.

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With an A+ rating, our customers are consistently satisfied with the quality craftsmanship, professionalism, and outstanding results delivered by Better Painting.

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With solid 5-star reviews, our customers highly recommend Better Painting for all residential and commercial painting projects across the St. Louis metro area.

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With over 20 years of combined experience, you can expect outstanding craftsmanship and professionalism on every project.

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Protect your investment against the St. Louis Metro and surrounding areas elements.

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Breathe New Life into Your Exteriors

Full-service exterior house painting

At Better Painting, we specialize in providing a comprehensive range of exterior house painting services. Our team goes beyond the ordinary to deliver extraordinary results. From front door painting, garage door painting, to trim, shutters, and soffit painting – we cover it all with precision and care. As a locally owned business, we understand the unique needs and preferences of homes across St. Louis Metro, MO. Our team is equipped with top-notch skills, coupled with our use of high-quality paint, ensuring a finish that not only looks impeccable but also withstands the test of time.

Transform your brick homes with Better Painting‘s limewash services. In Clayton, Kirkwood, and Creve Couer, where 90% of homes are brick, our expertise in limewashing makes us the preferred choice. We provide a classic, ageless finish that enhances your home’s charm and value.

First impressions matter. Let Better Painting revitalize your front door with high-quality paint. Our team of professional painters adds a splash of color that welcomes guests and complements your home’s exterior.

Better Painting‘s garage door painting service breathes new life into your garage, boosting its aesthetics and durability. Our expert use of top-notch paint ensures a finish that can withstand weather and wear.

Enhance your home’s architectural details with Better Painting‘s trim, shutters, and soffits painting services. We pay attention to the smallest details, ensuring a harmonious blend with your home’s overall exterior design.

Safety meets style with Better Painting’s handrail painting service. Our expert painters ensure your handrails not only look good but also provide durable, long-lasting protection against the elements.

Better Painting‘s gutter and downspout painting services not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home but also provide an added layer of protection against the elements. We use only high-quality products, ensuring a finish that withstands Missouri’s weather conditions.

Our deck and fence staining service offers a beautiful and durable finish for your outdoor spaces. At Better Painting, we transform and protect your wooden decks and fences, enhancing the longevity and beauty of your property.

Preparation is key to a perfect paint job. Better Painting‘s meticulous sanding and minor filling prep work create a smooth, flawless surface for painting, ensuring a superior finish that lasts.

With 90% of homes in our service areas being brick, Better Painting‘s expertise in brick and stucco painting is unparalleled. Our professional team delivers high-quality finishes that highlight your home’s architectural features and increase its curb appeal.

At Better Painting, we believe in thorough preparation. Our pressure washing service effectively removes dirt and grime from your exterior surfaces, creating an ideal canvas for our high-quality paint. This essential prep work ensures a vibrant, long-lasting paint finish.

Full Exterior House Painting

Elevate the appearance of your home with Better Painting, your trusted partner in comprehensive exterior house painting services.

We are a locally owned company serving key locations in St. Louis Metro, MO including Clayton, Lake St. Louis, and Wentzville. We bring over 20 years of combined team experience and our unwavering commitment to honor, integrity, respect, and quality. Our services range from limewashing, front door painting, garage door painting, to handrail painting and more.

We meticulously prepare surfaces with sanding and minor filling, ensuring an impeccable finish. Using only high-quality paint, we guarantee a transformation that not only enhances your home’s aesthetic appeal but also stands the test of time.

Trust Better Painting for a superior exterior painting service that truly reflects your style and personality.

Lime Wash VS Brick

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your brick homes, Better Painting offers a unique approach – Limewash. Unlike traditional brick painting, limewashing creates a natural patina that ages beautifully over time, imparting a classic, European charm to your home. It allows the brick to breathe, reducing moisture build-up and damage. This is particularly important in areas like Clayton, MO where the majority of homes are brick.

As a locally owned company, Better Painting understands the unique needs of these homes and provides expert limewashing services, delivering an ageless finish that not only enhances your home’s exterior but also adds significant value.

Choose Better Painting for an authentic, long-lasting transformation of your brick homes.

Foundation Repair

Secure the stability and longevity of your home with Better Painting‘s expert foundation repair services. We understand the critical role a strong foundation plays in the structural integrity of your house. Whether it’s minor cracks or significant damage, our team of experienced professionals is equipped to handle all types of foundation issues.

We use advanced techniques and high-quality materials to ensure durable repairs that stand the test of time. Serving Clayton, Kirkwood, Creve Couer, and across St. Louis Metro, MO, Better Painting is committed to providing you with peace of mind knowing your home rests on a solid foundation. Trust us for reliable, effective foundation repair solutions.

Pressure Washing

Ensure the best possible results for your exterior painting project with Better Painting‘s professional pressure washing service.

As a critical preparatory step, pressure washing effectively removes dirt, grime, mildew, and peeling paint from your home’s exterior surfaces. This thorough cleaning not only rejuvenates the appearance of your home but also creates an ideal canvas for our premium  paint. Serving homes across St. Louis Metro, MO, Better Painting is committed to meticulous preparation, setting the stage for a vibrant, durable finish.

Trust in our expertise to provide an exceptional exterior painting service from start to finish.

Choose the Best Exterior House Painters

Experience top-tier exterior house painting with Better Painting. Our seasoned team delivers exceptional results that beautifully express your style. Using premium Emerald Urethane paint, we ensure a stunning, durable finish. Trust Better Painting for high-quality transformations across St. Louis Metro, MO.

Love Your Home Renewed

Hassle-Free Exterior House Painting with Better Painting

When it comes to superior exterior house painting services, Better Painting stands out from the crowd. As a locally owned business serving Clayton, Wentzville, Lake St. Louis, and other nearby areas, we understand the unique needs and preferences of homes in these areas.

We bring over 20 years of combined team experience and a passionate commitment to honor, integrity, respect, and quality. Our range of comprehensive services, from limewashing, garage door painting to foundation repair, are meticulously carried out by our professionally trained painters.

Our use of high-quality Emerald Urethane paint guarantees an exquisite finish that not only enhances your home’s curb appeal but also withstands Missouri’s weather conditions. We pride ourselves on our meticulous preparation work, including pressure washing and sanding, ensuring a vibrant, long-lasting paint finish.

Choose Better Painting for a transformative exterior painting service that reflects your style, increases your home’s value, and provides you with peace of mind.