Painting Your Home Before Selling – Benefits and What to Consider

Completed interior paint project

When you are trying to sell your home, every small decision counts. Even something as relatively straightforward as painting your home, or the colors you choose for it, can speed the sale and affect your eventual sales price.

The majority of sellers think it is a good idea to paint their home before listing it. But understanding how to use colors to boost the saleability of their home or improve its selling price is where most struggle. This article can help you solve that problem.

Why should you paint your home before selling it?

  •  The chance to switch to more appealing colors

The colors you prefer for your home while you are living in it may not the colors that will help it sell fast. Everyone has the colors they love and the ones they can’t stand. But most people find neutral colors appealing. Repainting your home will let you paint it in colors that have widespread acceptance among your potential buyers.

  • You can make the home move-in ready

Most buyers want to avoid doing any work whatsoever on a home they buy. The more move-in ready the home is the more attractive it is to buyers, says Keyrenter Property Management St. Charles. Painting the home gives sellers an advantage because they can offer the buyer the convenience of being able to move in immediately. Additionally, a newly painted home gives the impression of being well maintained.

  • Online pictures will look better

Making the right impression is how you get your foot in the door with potential buyers. And most of these buyers will be found on the internet since that is where most people begin their search for a home. Optimizing your listing to make an impression on buyers includes painting the home to make its stand out in pictures. An unpainted home will be drowned out by the competition.

  • Gives you an edge during negotiations

By painting the home, you can hide any flaws and imperfections in its walls. You may also paint the rooms to make them appear larger and brighter. Doing this will help you justify your asking price for the home. However, if you do not paint the house, buyers will naturally price the home lower because they instinctively place a lower value on it.

Things to consider when painting your home

kitchen paint - before and after
kitchen paint – before and after
  • Avoid personalization and aim for mass appeal

If any part of the home is personalized with colors that are bright, loud, dark, bold, moody, or weird, those colors should be changed. It is also a great idea to remove wallpaper because they tend to be too busy and are very personal.

  • Pay attention to high-traffic areas

Areas like the kitchen, dining room, foyer, and main hallways will get a lot of buyers’ attention. These areas can sell the home if it is painted properly. The kitchen is particularly important, in this regard, and do not forget the front door and entryway.

  • Use low- or non-VOC paints

Buyers are more aware of the toxicity of VOC paints and are motivated to avoid homes that contain these substances. Using paints that do not contain harmful materials will make the home attractive to a wider section of buyers; particularly for people who have young children.

  • Use high-quality paints and the right finish

Choosing the right paint finish in the rooms and areas of the home will help you maximize the effect of the paint. The right colors will not make the most impact if you choose the wrong finish for them. Using quality paint will also give better results and save you money. Since they require fewer coats, you will cut down on labor costs. Better Painting uses only the highest quality paints from Sherwin Williams. We are experts in helping you decide on colors, sheens, and products. Let us help you make the best decision when it comes to choosing the best quality product and color that will appeal to buyers when selling!

  • Choose neutral colors

Colors that are classified as neutrals are better because they will not clash with the colors of buyers’ furniture and décor. Neutral colors will match almost any furnishings you put beside them. This makes it easier for potential buyers to envision themselves and their belongings inside the home. It helps the buyer avoid repainting and saves them valuable time and money.

  • Use colors that will add value

Buyers will offer more for a home if it is painted in certain colors. This is because those colors have a subtle influence on the mood of buyers and lead them to subconsciously place a higher value on the home. Colors which have been shown to have the effect of boosting a home’s sales price are:

    • Shades of greige (a mixture of light gray and beige) for the exterior
    • Navy blue or charcoal gray for the front door. Coming in as close alternatives are deep plum, rich green, and classic red.
    • Light blue to soft gray-blue in the kitchen.
    • Soft colors in the brown spectrum – light beige, pale taupe, and oatmeal – for the living room.
    • Calming shades of blue for the bedroom
    • And shades of blue or purple for the bathroom.

There you have it, the benefits of painting your home before selling it.

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