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St. Louis Area Exterior Painting Services

Exterior painting is the best way to dramatically improve your curb appeal. Our team of highly experienced exterior painting professionals will deliver an ending result that you, and your neighbors

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St. Louis Area Exterior Painting Services

Exterior painting is the best way to dramatically improve your curb appeal. Our team of highly experienced exterior painting professionals will deliver an ending result that you, and your neighbors, will admire for years on end! Better Painting offers professional exterior painting services to St. Louis and Lake of the Ozark area homes. Our team makes it easier than ever to give your home a complete makeover without hassle, headaches, or worries. If you aren’t ready to paint the entire exterior of your home, we recommend focusing on the exterior areas that need the most attention while making an impact. A few ideas for exterior painting that will improve your curb appeal include your front door and garage door. Also, consider limewash to completely transform your outdated brick!

High Quality Products

Our standards are high for everything we do. Because of this, we have chosen The Duration®Family by Sherwin-Williams as our standard paint product. In all of our estimates, unless otherwise discussed, we include these high quality products in the price. We have chosen this line because of its superior stain blocking abilities, washability, moisture resistance, and long lasting performance. Other lower and higher end products are available based on the clients preferences.


We are Experts

Our exterior painting professionals use only the highest quality paints from the nations leading manufacturers. Did you know? Better Painting is committed to offering our clients innovative, valuable services that you will not find elsewhere. We are excited to now offer our clients a complimentary 2 hour paint color consulting session with our professional interior designer, Teah!  Not only can we update your exterior, we also provide a full range of interior painting servicesdrywall repair, and power washing!


Exterior Painting Services

Lime Wash
Brick, Wood, Siding
Front / Exterior Doors
Garage Doors and Shutters
Deck / Patio Stain and Paint
Power Washing

In addition to exterior painting, Better Painting offers professional carpenter bee damage repair solutions and services to St. Louis area homes and businesses. It sure would be nice if carpenter bees would just buzz off, wouldn’t it? Fall is the best time to fix carpenter bee nests, in order to prevent young carpenter bees from emerging and continuing to further the damage. Although there are many ways to fix these pesky holes, we have perfected it. We use spackle to fill in any damage to your wood surfaces. Spackle works much better than any other alternative as it will not eventually leave a divot or cave in. It ensures the surface looks entirely unblemished. The next day it is ready to sanded and painted. We use this same process for any other critter damage you might have. If you have damage from other critters such as wood peckers, we can fix those too.

What are the differences between paint and limewash?

  • Limewash penetrates the brick instead of sitting on top of it, leading to no peeling and less maintenance over time. It also lets the brick breathe because of this!
  • Limewash is thinner than paint and isn’t opaque, which leaves a beautiful variety of shades and colors.
  • Limewash is hypoallergenic! Because of its high pH level, microorganisms can’t survive.
  • Limewash is slightly flexible, making it a great choice for older homes and buildings. It handles natural movement well, which reduces the damage of cracks.
  • Limewash is non-toxic and completely natural.

Our chosen product for limewash

For our limewash projects, we use Classico Limewash by Romabio Masonry Paints. Romabio’s Masonry Paints are BIO (bio-logical), made from nature. They are not acrylic or latex paints. They are mineral based products different than any other paints in the industry and are derived from sustainable materials to create a natural, breathable coating.  This brand is consistent and has never let us down. Our customers love that we are using an environmentally friendly product on their homes.

Regardless of the size of your drywall damage, we will make it look brand new again. Whether you have cracks or holes, water damage, dents, or all of the above! Our drywall repair solutions usually consist of tearing out the damaged areas, fill in those areas using drywall and tape, and then use a drywall mud to ensure a smooth surface. You will never be able to tell there was damage when we’re done with it! We ensure the area is sanded and prepped for paint. Better Painting is proud to be your one stop shop for your drywall repair and painting needs.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

Our top priority is providing our clients with the highest quality painting services, using only the best paints and materials to achieve a flawless finish that lasts. With years of experience and a proven track record of excellence, we have built a reputation as the go-to company for all of your painting needs. From residential to commercial painting, we take pride in delivering exceptional results that exceed our clients' expectations.

Jill Rothermich
Jill Rothermich
It was a pleasure working with Better Painting! We had our entire main floor of our home painted and they did a fantastic job. Their staff is incredibly friendly and easy to work with. They eased my mind that painting our whole house would be quick and painless and they were right! Going forward I will be using them for all of our painting needs!!
Shawnna Rose
Shawnna Rose
Victoria Stadnik
Victoria Stadnik
My husband and I bought a home and the inside smelled a bit like cigarette smoke. We called Andrew with Better Painting and he came over for a consultation. We explained the situation and he showed us our options. He helped us pick out colors and we chose a few days to have his crew paint before we moved in. I couldn’t be happier with the result. Walls and ceilings look great and the smoke smell is gone. Andrew was great to work with and the price was reasonable. Highly reccomend!
Andrew Stadnik
Andrew Stadnik
Would recommend! After my wife and I closed on our new home we tried multiple things to try and get rid of a lingering cigarette smell. At one point I even suggested we could just start smoking again so the smell wouldn’t bother us. It has been 5 years since I kicked the habit of a pack per day so no one thought that was a good idea. Andrew came out and suggested that maybe after we paint the smell would be encapsulated and it was! We sure are glad Andrew was able to help us out. The ceilings and walls look great and we have Zero lingering cigarette smoke odor. We will be hiring Better Painting anytime we need a room painted. Thank you Andrew and Better Painting!
Midwest Roofing
Midwest Roofing
Andrew and his team came in after a house fire at my personal home and painted everything. They where on-time, professional, and the quality of work was next level. The should be called best painting, not better painting! Would absolutely use again for any future projects!
Ashley Roth
Ashley Roth
Andrew is awesome! I highly recommend his services. If there was a way to add more stars I would! Just a great guy and great work all around. I couldn't be happier with the job he did. I recommend him to everyone that needs a painter because he just can't be beat! Look no further because you've found your guy!
Kristol Ivy
Kristol Ivy
Lily Michelle
Lily Michelle
Amy Kiehm
Amy Kiehm
Andrew did a great job on the exterior of our house! He was very personable, prompt with responses, and super efficient. He is definitely going to be my painter on my next project!!! Very Happy Customers!!!
Bobby Holloway
Bobby Holloway
Andrew and his crew are TOP NOTCH. Clean, professional, and quick.

Data Talks

Did you know? Both interior and exterior painting have one of the largest return on investments (55% – 107%) when it comes to home improvement projects. Not only do they carry a large return on investment, but painting is one of the most cost effective ways to make a big impact. “It’s the least expensive investment for the biggest return,” says Jennie Norris, chairwoman of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals.

If you are planning to sell your house in the near future, your exterior and curb appeal is even more important! 2019 HomeLight data backs up that focusing on buyer first impressions is crucial: 76% of agents agreed that curb appeal is the no. 1 project you should complete to improve your home’s marketability, and over 94% believe curb appeal will even boost your home’s value.

The proof is in a painting project well done!

Our paint contractor company takes pride in delivering exceptional painting services for both residential and commercial properties. With years of experience, our team of skilled painters can transform any space with a fresh coat of paint that reflects your unique style and vision.


Better Painting would love to give you a free estimate on your exterior painting project. Whether you’re looking to paint the entire exterior of your home, power wash and stain your deck, or just freshen up your doors and shutters, we’re the right company to call.

Your free estimate will take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the scope of the work. We will talk through your vision, product options, and colors. We are experts in guiding you in the right direction with your choices to ensure you will have a home you love for years to come. A 20% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your project.

We strive for nothing less than 100% client satisfaction. Before we depart, we thoroughly examine the finished project with the home or business owner to ensure expectations are exceeded and all parties are happy.

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