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What other Painting Company offers complimentary Interior Design services? Better Painting is committed to offering our clients innovative, valuable services that you will not find elsewhere. We are excited to now offer our clients a complimentary 2 hour paint color consulting session with our professional interior designer, Teah! This exciting offer is available to any client that signs a contract for $4,000 or more on their interior and/or exterior project.

What is Color Consulting?

Choosing a paint color can be a lot more complex than it seems. Have you ever been disappointed when you see your chosen paint color on the wall? You were confident that it was the perfect choice but now that you see it in real life… ugh! If you haven’t been in this situation, hallelujah! If you have, we can help make sure it never happens again. This dilemma happens because many important factors are often overlooked. For example: your favorite color is green because it’s earthy and calms you, but your furniture has several shades of blue. If you choose the perfect shade of green for your walls, it may end up pulling more blue or clashing with your furniture. Or, say you love dark, moody colors so you pick a beautiful dark burgundy for your master bedroom but don’t consider the lack of natural light the room gets. It may end up feeling more like a dungeon than a relaxing retreat. However, there are ways to incorporate your favorite colors and your personality into your space, it just requires looking at the big picture. Teah will educate, guide, and energize you while helping you choose the perfect Sherwin Williams color and products. Her focus is to create attractive, custom color design plans that combine color psychology, current trends, and an understanding of lighting and the flow of a space.­

Your Complimentary Color Consulting Experience with Teah

During your two hour color consulting experience, Teah will utilize the Sherwin-Williams color book to walk you through options based on you and your family’s lifestyle, goals, and personality. Hear directly from Teah as she reflects on her last few color consulting experiences with clients:

“During a recent color consulting session, the client explained that she only wanted a couple walls in her living room done with a similar shade of cream that was currently on the walls. While talking through her goals and vision, she realized she wanted a few more areas in her home painted as well. We ended up choosing colors for multiple bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, accent walls in the entryway, and the living/dining area all while ensuring the color pallet was cohesive throughout. To ensure a cohesive end result, we considered the current furniture in the living area, cabinetry color in kitchen and bathrooms, and artwork that was already well placed and well loved.

In contrast, my next client wanted her kitchen cabinets painted for a simple and impactful update. She was thinking ahead to the resale of her home and (knowing that kitchens and bathrooms are oftentimes the main selling point) wanted something that looked clean and modern while incorporating her granite countertops and the surrounding elements in her kitchen and dining area. She requested light upper cabinets and dark lowers. We were quickly able to settle on colors and finishes that would fulfill the style and durability she was looking for.

Although the motivation behind the two consultations was different, the process remains the same for each color consulting experience:

1. Define the elements that will be incorporated into the end design so that they can be accounted for when choosing a color pallet

2. Choose an undertone (warm or cool)

3. Review the end goal and pull items for inspiration (i.e.: a favorite blouse with colors in the pattern that you’re drawn to, a rug, a piece of artwork, a picture of a space you love)

4. Select multiple color swatches in line with the clients vision and view them in different parts of the space to get a clear picture of how the shadows, surrounding furniture, and lighting will effect the overall feel

5. Narrow color choices down until the clients heart sings with joy and they are confident moving forward with their project!

I am grateful to be able to say that I LOVE MY JOB! Helping my wonderful clients feel comfortable and confident in their color choices brings me so much joy. Interior design is amazing to me not because of how everything “looks”, but because of the feeling it creates. Your home becomes the backdrop for your life, your sweet memories, and your future plans. It’s unbelievably special for me to get to play a small part in that.”

Teah Holloway, Interior Designer

A Client’s Perspective on her Recent Color Consulting Experience

We love when our clients provide feedback on their experiences with Better Painting. Beth, who recently had a color consultation with Teah, said in her 5 star review on Yelp that “we were able to have a color consultation with Teah, who was very helpful as she brought the entire Sherwin Williams color palette to our table–so much better than grabbing a fistful of paint chips at the store to take home.” Beth goes on to say that “when the ceilings were finished, almost 80 nail pops later, my husband was a happy man. The crew had also repaired a few cracks and some old water damage. The ceilings look better than they did when the house was first built. And the walls? Yup. Excellent. So very, very well done. Oh yeah, they did the front door and the garage doors, too. So, it’s a good thing that it all looks amazing, because we put a lot of trust in them. I recommend them without hesitation, and would hire them again.” Beth’s review certainly made our team feel very appreciated and we are delighted to hear this positive feedback. She even uploaded photos of her finished project! We call this a 5 star client 😊Check out the photos below:

How Can You Get Started?

We make the process simple and straightforward. Give Better Painting a call or you can request your free estimate online. After confirming the time and date, our estimator will meet with with you and provide an estimate on your project. After you book your project (grand total must be $4,000 or more), we will set up your complimentary paint color consulting session with Teah prior to the start date of your project. Yep, it’s that simple. We can’t wait to bring your vision to life!

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